• Merry Christmas everyone. It seams like people have a lot of pipeline concerns, even on Christmas day over 150 new members today so far and counting. Thanks I will be adding more videos. soon.
    Want a little hope in your life for 2015 and beyond. Google Solar Hydrogen Trends, Brillouin Energy, BlackLight Power and Industrial Heat.
    Take a little time and see what our future could be.

  • There is nothing for sale on this website, so why has the website been under brute force attack for months now. Maybe Big Oil is trying to shut this website down or maybe the Alberta government, as if there is a difference.
    You need my cell phone to receive a code to enter this website with administrator control and that is just a start.
    Also the website is backed up daily and would be back online in minutes.
    I wish I could have the culprits charged but they are infecting other computers all over the world with a virus or malware that attacks my website remotely.
    I use a password generator and manager.
    I will be adding more security in the end of January.
    Always use a different password for important websites Like Paypal and your bank and one for your emails and one for random websites.
    To make using all these passwords easy use DashLane or something similar.
    Dashland will log you in to your websites and fill out forms for you on auto pilot.
    Dashlane will also generate strong passwords for you.
    Always have two email addresses and link them for receiving lost passwords and add you cell number for more protection.
    I would link two email addresses and add a cell number before you use a password manager.
    Take Care and keep in touch through the comments, or on Facebook.