Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification


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  • Neil Lizotte

    Why is climate change an issue with the technologies being developed?
    The world’s leading governments are investing less then 1 % of what they are giving the fossil fuel industry in subsidies each year.
    In fact I would bet that less then 1% of fossil fuel subsidies for one year have not been invested in promising clean energy systems, like LENR in our life time.
    Governments have invested billions in huge reactors that never produced and extra energy to speak of.
    LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction) systems have reaches stable temps of 600 C and have a sustainable fuel supply.
    LENR is considered to be the holy grail of clean energy technology, but less then .5% of what is invested in fossil fuel subsidies in one year has been invested in LENR.
    We need 50 % of fossil fuel subsidies each year to be invested in clean sustainable energy technologies like LENR.
    The only reason we have an issue with climate change is lack of R & D investment.
    So tell your government leaders, it is time to invest in clean sustainable energy.
    Harper is not going to support clean energy and should be removed from office as fast as possible.

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