Enbridge – Real Answers About Our Pipelines – Full Length

Some of my questions have been answered with this video.     The main point is we have long passed safe levels of green house gases in out atmosphere 350 PPM we are at 400 PPM.

We are destroying our oceans with fast rising Acid levels and if we do not stop burning fossil fuels with very poor technology then our oceans will turn into a sea of weeds.

I stand against the burning of all fossil fuels and oil tankers on our oceans, I urge our governments too invest in LENR research  and grapheme r esearch, also in clean engines like the the MYT engine and the cyclone engine.

Alberta will learn the hard way with droughts and floods like the hundred year flood that will happen more often then ever before.

Pipelines can be the safest way to transports fossil fuels, but not safe enough and heavy oil tankers are our worst nightmare.


The worst part is Canada and Alberta are lead by greedy brain dead idiots that only care about money and temporary jobs, in my opinion.