Tar Sands Oil Extraction – The Dirty Truth

Oilsands Exec now working for Harper to fast track oil sands expansion and to move more highly toxic chemicals through pipelines, that will eventually leak and cause disaster that could harm more peoples health along the routes.

How can you more then double oilsands production and claim you are doing everything you can to lower Co2 emissions.

We take a very toxic bitumen and add a lot more highly toxic crap to it and ship it downstream and hope it wont leak until we have made our money and closed our doors.

Also who will be responsible for removing these old and leaking pipelines when their day of making the Koch brothers richer is over.

Whats wrong with shipping bitumen in huge oil tankers that take kilometers to stop or for them to consider turning in narrow channels while passing up to four other super tankers on their way to China.

How do you clean up a bitumen spill in deep water, they could not clean up a bitumen mess near a river, all they have done is try and cover the bitumen up with dirt.

Bitumen is heavy it sinks and can not be cleaned, before you ship bitumen by sea show us how you will clean it up.

Please tell us how you more then double oilsands production and dramatically increase shipping, while reducing Co2 emissions.

We have to account for the Co2 that is emitted when the end product is consumed, where ever it ends up.

LENR related technologies along with Graphene super capacitors, new advances in solar and wind,  safe hydrogen in diesel like liquid  and new plastics made with Hemp fibers 100% non toxic could replace fossil fuels very fast, if there were a desire.

Our governments have spent several billion dollars researching possible future clean energy technologies, but when it comes to the planets best hope to abundant clean energy, which is LENR they have been dragging their heels and that is not acceptable.

If I was to get a chance to talk to President Obama, I would ask him to get off his ass and give LENR the support it deserves.

Sorry I’m not much for talking lightly when so much is at stake.

Canada will not support clean energy as long as Harper is in power and he is trying to buy the election with taxpayer’s money and a shit load of bullshit fear mongering.

Alberta could fund LENR, but would the NDP be interested in the countless jobs that would be created across Canada and transportation so cheap it would almost be free and 100% clean no emissions.

LENR stands for Low Energy Nuclear Reactions and the term nuclear is only used to describe the massive amount of excess energy in the form of heat, which can not be explained by any other means then a nuclear process.

Also nickel is transmuted into cooper and different LENR systems have different elements are transmuted etc.

With LENR there is I believe less radiation then your microwave oven and it only lasts for seconds, however each system may change.

If the nickel gets to hot it melts into a clump and the reaction stops, like a fail safe.

LENR system called The E Cat is currently being used for industrial heat for customer testing and hopefully mass production will start soon, as a US patent has just been approved.

LENR systems will be used for Industrial Heat for heating factories to start with and could replace heating systems in all power plants not just coal very fast and produce no emissions 100% green

Next LENR systems could heat your home and provide hot water and maybe a few years down the road you would add a module for power production and later maybe air conditioning.

Followed by LENR cars and trucks which travel for maybe 3 years on as single charge of a tiny amount of abundant elements like nickel and hydrogen.

LENR  planes and spacecraft are being researched today.

LENR systems can also provide clean water for drinking.

Here is a website on LENR reality http://lenrproof.com/

We should be investing billions into LENR research, not peanuts and buttons.

Here is a link to a great book about The E Cat and it’s inventor Andrea Rossi it is very well written goes into detail about the life Andrea Rossi

The true story of the energy source that could change the world

Brillouin Energy is a LENR related company to watch and invest in

New advances with storing and consuming hydrogen in a safe diesel like liquid, look very promising and is currently being testes in the vehicles we drive today.

But until then we have a discovery that could reduce C02 levels back to pre-industrial times within ten years and make loads of cash while doing it.

I would tell you how this proven technology works but here is a video :


Carbon Nano Fibers From The Sky’ – CO2 converted To CNF for $1000 Per Ton